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The New Year begins with resolutions. It is a custom in many places to make a resolution to live by as a new year begins. 2018 is here and it is the time that you make a resolution too. Not a resolution about your diet or exercise routine, but as an email marketer. What goals would you aim for? What tactics would you employ? Where would you work hard to improve? Your New Year resolutions would influence how you spend 2018.

There were many impactful factors that influenced the marketing strategies in the last year. These would have a similar, if not more, influence on the email marketing sector of your business. So you have to invest your time and capital into these opportunities to have a fruitful year ahead. Have a look at the New Year resolutions that you should make and work on.

  • Amp Up on AI

Artificial Intelligence was the biggest game-changer this past year and it would play a bigger role in the next one. The big companies are wrapping up mergers and acquisitions to advance their AI technology. It can get difficult to find AI related help in a small size if you don’t act fast. While everyone knew that AI would change the world, it is happening sooner than projected. Email marketing without AI would be obsolete in the near future.


  • High-Quality Data

Even if you are not an AI expert, you must have realized that high-quality is going to play a critical role in email marketing in 2018. The quality of data that you have in your system would dictate your AI needs. Make sure that you eliminate everything that is sub-standard so that you don’t have to grumble about it later. Drop everything else and invest in data cleansing and better systems. You don’t want to fall behind.


  • A Testing Plan

You have to carry out many tests to make a case for your investments in AI and data. This would let you know what you have to do in the coming years. You cannot focus on small improvements anymore. Instead, figure out what you want to invest in and run tests to get to know how to make the most out of it.


  • Develop Content

Don’t forget about content marketing, which also has a big role to play in every email marketing strategy. Focus on modular chunks of content to get better results from your emails.

Things are looking brighter than ever for email marketers. You just have to follow-up on these resolutions and the New Year would treat you well. Emailing is already an effective ground for marketing and you just have to keep up with the changes to capitalize on the opportunities available.

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